What is Storyteller?
It is an open source tool by Katharina Brunner to build stories that are based on images or videos. You can combine big images and videos with text and embeddable content to create visually attractive stories. Want to know more? Read my blogpost (in German)
But I can't code!

Great! Then you are the target group. The main goal of Storyteller is create a multimedia story as easy as possible.
How does a story look like?

Look at the demo to get an idea of the look and feel of Storyteller. Basically, there are individual slides that are combined to a story.

Click to open a demo story:

How can I get Storyteller?
Download it as a zip file. You can find the code on Github.
How can I use Storyteller?
You need three things:
  1. A fresh installation of WordPress. You need help with this? Look here
  2. Install the Storyteller theme + the AddQuicktag-Plugin, where you should import this file at the bottom of AddQuicktag's settings page.
  3. Start building your first story
Tell me some technical stuff!

Storyteller is built on WordPress. It is integrated as a theme, but it does far more than just changing a website's design. It simplifies the WordPress backend, too, in order to offer a simple and hopefully mostly self-explaining interface.

It uses Backstretch.js and FitVids.js to create full screen images and videos.

I found a bug! I have a problem!
See FAQs or let me know.
I have an idea for improvement!
Let me know, too.
Sounds cool, I am gonna use Storyteller!
Awesome! Please send me a link to your story. I am curious!